All the PCBs for the DAVIAC-1 populated with relays, LEDs and other miscellaneous parts mounted neatly on some particle hinged board mounted to the wall. Miscellaneous vintage test equipment and a laptop with a lot of stickers on it in the foreground


Closeup of the two CPU PCBs with ribbon cables connecting them

Clock and Front Panel

CLoseup of a PCB with a motor, cam and microswitch combined with a variable resistor to be a clock pulse generator and a panel with LEDs and switches acting as some control inputs for the computer

Program Counter

PCB with a lot of relays and lit LEDs


Several boards with micro-relays and LEDs that comprise the RAM of the DAVIAC-1

Registers / ALU

PCB with a large number of two types of relays and LEDs, some lit


PCB with a large number of DIP switeches, a few relays and LEDs comprising the ROM of the computer

Scratch Ram?

A repeat of the RAM with larger relays, and only 8 bytes, a PCB with a lot relays